Catskill Mountain SAR


Area Serviced Catskill Mountains. Willing to travel
Activation (833) 267-2735
Skills All members NYSDEC Basic Wildlands/Type III search certified
Equipment All members self-sustaining with non-urban 24-hour ready pack, multiple GPS Units, one (1) Stokes Litter
Radios None
Medical 4 WEMT, 2 EMT, 5 WFR , all members WFA and CPR certified.
Technical None
Maps USGS Topo maps for areas served
Contact Information Catskill Mountain SAR
P.O. Box 294
West Hurley, NY 12491
Bill Winterbottom
Phone: (833) 267-2735

SAR Chair
Erica Winterbottom
Phone: (833) 267-2735


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