Sam's Point SAR


Area Serviced Shawangunk and Catskill Mountains. Willing to travel throughout New York State for mutual-aid in support of NYS DEC Operations.
Activation (845)-283-2807, or (646)-358-5425
Skills All members trained in Grid and Hasty Search Methods (Type III, II, I) 
All members are DEC certified in basic Wildland Search Skills; 1 member certified NASAR SAR Tech III
1 member Licensed Professional Geologist with NCRC OCR
5 members NCRC Cave Rescue Awareness
1 member HazMat Technician-level with Confined Space Entry and Structural Collapse Awareness
FEMA Emergency Management Training on the Incident Command System
Equipment The Conservation Center at Sam's Point Preserve, located at the southern end of the Shawangunk Ridge, serves as a permanent Command Post and staging area. The facility has ample room for strategic planning, parking and restroom facilities for search volunteers and houses the Team's rescue cache.
All members self-sustaining with non-urban 24-hour ready pack based upon NASAR and ASTM F2209 standards
Skedco Sked full-sized Basic Rescue System Litter
Oregon Spine Splint II 
Laerdal cervical extrication collars (adult size)
Flagging Rolls to carryout Grid Search
Reflective Safety Vests (Orange)
Team equipment is supplemented by personal equipment from individual field team members including EVAC S*A*R Rope Access Technician pack with 200 feet of static main line (1/2", 12.5mm) and 200' belay line (11mm) ropes for high/low angle access and extrication. Additionally, some team members have snowshoes, trekking poles, crampons, and mountaineering axes for winter backcountry travel.
Radios 10 programmable VHF radios to DEC Frequencies 
2 members are certified HAM Radio Operators
All members requested to carry personal cell phones
Medical 8 EMT-B 
1 Wilderness Advance First Aid (ECSI 32-Hour)
6 Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)
3 Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control
All members have Basic First Aid and CPR
1 BLS bag 
1 Hypothermia Wrap (outer layer of waterproof poly tarp with an inner layer fleece blanket)
Extra nitrile exam gloves, bandages, 
saline irrigation solution, blood clotting spray, 
instant ice packs and hand warmers
Technical 2 High/Low Angle Ropes 
1 DOI AM B-3
1 Avalanche Terrain Assessment and Rescue
Maps Local maps only. 
Members have individual compasses and portable hand-held GPS receivers. 
Members NYSDEC trained in Basic Land Navigation for Search and Rescue.
Sam's Point S&R
PO Box 463
Cragsmoor, NY 12420-0463

Jerry Gardner
Vice President:
Jim Spoor
Dan Kelly
Mark Lewis
Field Director:
John Schumaci
Medical Director:
Matt Pozorski

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