Oswego County SAR

Area Serviced


Oswego County and surrounding areas. Willing to go anywhere



Contact Oswego County 911 Center at (800) 962-4433 or (315) 349-8501



Grid teams. Seven (7) DEC Crew Bosses. Members are DEC trained and competent in Search Procedures, Map & Compass, Land Navigation, and GPS. All members are certified Project Lifesaver Operators



All Equipment necessary to carry out search: string, flagging, flashlights. One Polaris 6x6 Ranger ATV in trailer, Four (4) Project Lifesaver Receiver units, hand-held thermal imaging unit, Three (3) sets of night vision goggles, multiple GPS's, 7'x14' heated communications and command trailer. 1KW and 5KW Generators. Crew Cab GMC Sierra, 4WD with cap.



Twelve (12) handheld VHF P25 radios. Four (4) mobile VHF P25 Radios. Mobile and Portable Motorola Trunked UHF radios for Regional Communications System. Deployable 30' antenna mast. VTAC36 portable repeater. Trailer Communications include high and low band, Motorola UHF Trunking, UHF conventional, 2M and 70cm Amateur, Marine VHF, GPS.



Two (2) EMT's. All members trained in Wilderness First Aid. One BLS First Aid Field Pack. AED. Two (2) stokes stretcher: wire mesh and fiberglass. Skedco SKED rescue system, Trail litter carrier, Scoop Stretcher, backboards.



Members are trained to Awareness level for technical rope rescue.



All Topos of Oswego County and most of NYS. Specialized maps of local parks and hunting clubs. Fixed and Portable PC with MapTech Terrain Navigator Pro installed.  Portable and fixed printers.Wide format (24 inch) color printer.







Oswego County Pioneer Search and Rescue
P.O. Box 229
Parish, NY 13131

Contact Information


Coordinator / Chief
Aaron Albrecht
1704 County Route 37
West Monroe, NY 13167
(315) 289-3589 (C)
EMail: aalbrecht510@gmail.com


Ass't Coordinator/Command Staff/Lieutenant
Patti Ruffos
(315) 480-4479 (C)
EMail: pattipp27@aol.com


Command Staff /Captain
Joe Homola
PO Box 29
Pompey, NY 13138
(315) 409-5506
EMail: ltn11010@aol.com


Command Staff / Lieutenant
Gunnar Eric Svalland
212 Erwin Street
Boonville, NY


Debbie Palm

EMail: debbie.palm@fulton.com


Leonard Redhead

EMail: kc2cny@aol.com



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