Livingston County SAR


Livingston County Search & Rescue Team


Area Serviced Willing to go anywhere.
Activation (585)734-1037 or Livingston County Sheriff (585) 243-7100
Skills Two (2) Staff personnel, six (6) Team Leaders.
Equipment All supplies needed to carry out a Type I, II, III grid search-string, flagging, etc.
Radios Two (2) High Band hand-held with SAR Primary and DEC Ranger Frequencies.
Medical 8 Wilderness First Aid
Technical 4 Personnel certified to Rescue Tech Basic (NYS OFPC).
Maps Topographic maps of Livingston County and surrounding area. MapTech Pro® Software.
Contact Information 
Vice President
Ed Bergman
10857 Pougs Hole Road
Dansville, NY 14437
(585) 734-1037 (C) 
(585) 335-3511 (H)
Doug Burmeister
27 Elizabeth St
Dansville NY 14437-1627
(585) 402-9350 (C) 

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