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New Jersey SAR



Area Serviced Northern NJ, Southern NY, Northeast PA. Willing to go anywhere in NYS where utilization is appropriate.
Activation Bergen County Police Dispatch - (201) 646-2705
Skills 45 Field Qualified, most NYS DEC Basic Wildlands. 18 NYS DEC Crew Bosses. Many SarTech II and III®, 15 Managing the Lost Person Incident. All weather/terrain capable. One NASAR certified Air Scent k9.
Equipment Two trailers: one 7’ x 12’ Rehab Unit, one 7’ x 12’ equipment. 
One 25 foot Mobile Operations Center. 2 squad trucks
Radios 20 portable high band VHF. Ten (10) mobiles and two (2) base stations with 30  foot mast and antenna. 
Medical One MD and 10 EMT’s. One master BLS kit.
Medical One Physician and 12 EMT's. BLS equipment.
Technical Certified Mountain Rescue Association team.
Maps USGS topos for area served. MapTech software, color printer/copier in trailer.
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Contact Information 
New Jersey SAR Inc
PO Box 14
Mahwah, NJ 07430
Oren Levin

(973) 477-0858 (C)
Adam Levin

(201) 401-9444 (C)