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NYSFEDSAR is one of many training centers for ECSI.
Lower Adirondack SAR



Area Serviced Primarily Region 5 of the Adirondacks, but willing to respond anywhere in NYS.
Activation (518) 893-2247, (518) 793-0990, (518) 251-2005 or (518) 584-5726
Skills All members NYS DEC Basic Wildland Search. Logistical support, 18 Team Leaders, Winter capable. 88 active members; can field 10 to 15 searchers on short notice. 1 Federation Certified K-9s. One air scent.
Equipment All supplies necessary to carry out grid search. 6 GPS’s
Radios Two VHF base radios and several hand held radios with 155.160 MHz, 155.205 MHz and all DEC frequencies.
Medical One MD. 6 EMT's. Most members have CPR and BFA. Two back country medical kits.
Technical Water: six 70 foot throw bags, ropes, pulleys, six white water PFD's.
Maps Two laptop computers and printers with MapTech Pro. Entire library of USGS topographic maps of the Adirondack Region.
Contact Information 
Lower Adirondack SAR
PO Box 655
Warrensburg, NY 12885
Team Commander
Jake Haker
Rte. 28
North River, NY12856
518-251-2005 (H)


Ass't Team Commander

Ass't Team Commander
Karen Major 
75 Miner Rd.
Porters Corners, NY 12859 
Home Phone: 518-893-2247

Cell: 518-596-4259




Matt Sirni

170 Altamount Drive

Hurley, N.Y. 12443

Cell:  845-706-6980


Vice President:

Rob Coughlin

54 Greenfield Ave.

Saratoga Springs, N.Y. 12866

Cell:  518-588-6326


Alternate Contact
Gretchen Stark
364 Hadlock Pond Road
Fort Ann, NY 12827
(518) 793-0990 (H)
(518) 222-7075 (C)