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NYSFEDSAR is one of many training centers for ECSI.
Long Island K-9 SAR


Area Serviced NYC, Nassau, Suffolk.
Activation Call (631) 398-5343 or (631) 924-9874.
Activation must be made by NYSFEDSAR, Law Enforcement, or authorized agency.
Skills NYS DEC Basic Wildlands certified personnel, competent in Type III grid searching.
Equipment Trailer, Avalon boat, field packs. Laptop computer with MapTech® software.
Radios 2-way Garmin Rhino 530's; VHF low and high capability, 800 Mhz.
Medical (1) Physician's Assistant, 2 EMT, (1)BLS kit..
Technical Rescue truck/command post.
Maps Garmin Topo Software, Maptech® Computer Maps. 
Long Island SAR
PO Box 75
Laurel, NY 11948
Brookhaven Technical Rescue Task Force 
PO Box 147
Setauket, NY 11733
Team Leader
Chris Padden
24 Winged Foot Drive
Medford, NY 12828
Team Managers
Heidi Hajek
560 17th Street
West Babylon, NY 11704